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Friday, November 30, 2012

Graphite Update!

So it has come to my attention - through lack of internet access I have not made any posts since the first of August!! How sad am I?
So I will give you all an update on the status of my life and the resuming of Graphite Photography in action this December.
In the last 3 months I have;
*left Townsville and embarked westward to the little"city" of Mt Isa or as the locals call it "The Isa"
*have taken over my gracious cousins house with my entourage for almost two months whilst we looked for our own house - not an easy task on his part - I do beleive he is still finding dog hair after this long, bless him
*have started a new job to pay my bills - yes I am now pouring beers at the local country club - who would've thought?
*have bought a house with my partner and am slowly bringing it out of the 18th century - peach bathroom included - no pun intended, I am serious..
*have been a bridesmaid for my beautiful cousin's wedding
*have travelled to Thailand and rode elephants in the jungle and canoed through sea caves at low tide - alot scarier than it sounds!
*driven the road to Townsville a few thousand times and have seen a lot of scenery and wildlife I probably would not have seen otherwise
*and of course as it is out here, as disgusting as it is, have sweated only a few million litres of sweat however I do not seem to be getting any thinner?
After surviving all these fetes I now have full internet access to bring me back into the world and climb back on the "with it" ladder, as hard as it seems all the way out here..
Very excited to put up the chrissy tree tomorrow and start shrinking the list of photo challenges I've missed so far!

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