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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures in the park

To no avail it rained Wed, Thurs, Fri.
For some the right of passage from teen school bounds to the freedoms of a greater life is very exciting and also nerve racking. The final year of high school is both stressful and carefree, both awkward and comfortable.
To mark the passing of some 13years of sitting in a classroom doing as you are told by some of the greatest and not so greatest of mentors along the way, we go through a myriad of celebrations. these of course include school leadership camps, holiday tours, dinners, awards nights, masses, graduation parades and lets not forget the year 12 formal.
This is exactly the special occation I was invited to share with some of this years finest of school leavers. The rain to our surprise came to a stop just in time. The sun, glitter, tule, hair spray and fake tans came out.
As girls are on nearly all of these big occassions running late, I want to thank them for missing out on some pre formal celebrations with their friends and families to get some quick snaps before their big night. The park was green from all the rain, the ducks and lizards were out sunning themselves and the buzz of excitment of night before schoolies week parties kicked in.
Stay tuned for some pics of the day and the girls and guys looking gorgeous...

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