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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog numero uno - Website Overhaul

The world of technology. Who thought starting a business would take 30mins and equally $30? Apparently I was wrong! Marketing advisers = tons of great advise. However if you don't have the money to compete at their standards how are you suppose to make it in this competitve market? The answer? Spending all day trying to do things you have no idea how to do.
The struggle may be gruelling and the little black humming boxes in front of you may mock you and make you look stupid at times but once you accomplish the impossible on your own at little to no extra charge, the feeling equals that of elite indulgence.
Think of that cake you made once and everyone asked where you bought it or that dress you fit into just perfect but its way over your budget just to find out its like 80% off at that present moment. Personal accomplishment happens when you conquer something you never would have even tried.
So my day was ever tiresome. Hours of computer warfare - internet gurus I applaud you.
Conclusion? When my cake came out of the oven it was rich and moist. Delivering to you guys the new improved "more professional" Graphite Photography website. Please visit and marvel at my rookie expertise.
Blogs= pretty cool, stay tuned for more.
Its all about the photos so contact me if you want some ;)

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